Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Tax Year Behind Us-OR Don't Count Those Dollars Before They Come!

Well, April 15th rolled in this year with "great" news from our accountant. Seems we put too much money in for Uncle Sam and "believe you me", surprisingly we were looking at a healthy refund to "dream upon". New brushes, dvd's, paint, mediums, new tennis racket, new brushes....(what!!!--new tennis racket??????) Oh yeah, hubby deserves something new too!! lol
Well, it's fun to dream anyway, and besides, tax money takes awhile to get here!!
SO, guess what happened on April 15th, (TAX DAY)????????
Our trusty old central air conditioner blew it's last cool breath............Yep, gave up, stopped working, bit the dust, bought the farm, kicked the bucket, or anything else you want to say. It died and we had to have it replaced.

Believe me, in Arizona, YES, you have to have it replaced, or suffer miserably.

So, now I suffer on a different level, i.e. regarding money, "EZY COME & EZIER GO",
and especially , "Don't Count Those Dollars
Before You SEE Them."

I'm so GLAD I have a great sense of humor!!

Happy Painting to one and all!!
with chin up!!


Paul and Cathy said...


I hate money and the struggle for it. The good thing is that we can cut lots of corners and still paint. I too am glad that you still have your sense of humor.
Keep laughing and keep painting.


Amber Hall said...

Arrrrrrrrrggggghhh Marsha! Well thank goodness that nest egg was out there in Uncle Sam's pocket. It strikes me that you are lucky he didn't lose it for ya though.

I remember well sleeping in your house with that A/C chuggin' away 24/7. I think mebbe ya wore it out ~ LOL in your quest for cool comfort. Your sense of humor is intact I see despite things.


Turning My Fraktur over to Andy Jones

Turning My Fraktur over to Andy Jones
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Snow in Tulsa
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Painting with Priscilla March 09
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